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What is your Shipping Policy?
When purchasing any of our perishable items such as cheese, butter, or ghee (including our Sponsor a Calf Sampler Box) we ship via UPS 2nd Day Air. For quality reasons, we only ship Monday through Wednesday (excluding bank and public holidays).

It’s the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that someone will be home to receive the package on the day of delivery (or to notify the package recipient to expect a perishable package.) This delivery service doesn’t require a signature so they will leave the package if no one’s at home and decide that it’s safe to do so.

We are not responsible for any damaged or spoiled product if the recipient gives an incorrect delivery address, the shipment goes unopened or the recipient is unable to receive shipment/out of town.

There are no returns, modifications, or cancellations allowed on any orders once it’s shipped.

We’re sorry, but unfortunately, we cannot ship to PO Boxes at this time.

The recipient will be emailed a tracking number once the package is sent.

Packages can only be shipped within the continental United States of America.
Where do you offer shipping to?
At this time, High Lawn care packages can be shipped anywhere within the United States of America.
When can I expect my package to arrive?
We ship online orders via UPS. Orders will arrive no more than 3 business days after the order has shipped. For quality reasons, we only ship Monday through Wednesday (excluding bank and public holidays). If you chose a shipping date during checkout, this is the day the package will be shipped, NOT the date in which it will arrive.

When we ship your order, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a tracking number.
How does my perishable order stay fresh during transit?
Our perishable care packages ships in a Renewliner - an award-winning, curbside, recyclable, cold-chain packaging solution. Recognized by the Cold Chain Global Forum as one of the most sustainable temperature-controlled projects around that keeps your products cold for up to 72 hours. Renewliner is made from recycled plastic bottles. By using this completely recyclable, curbside packaging solution you're supporting the cause to build a sustainable future while removing existing waste from our environment. In addition to the high tech liner, we also include two large ice packs to ensure temperatures stay cool.
Are the cheese and butter safe to consume even though the ice packs have melted?

Because cheese is fermented food it has a natural microbial protection. When cheese gets warm for a short period of time (24-48 hours) it doesn’t spoil, it actually continues “aging”, which is to say that the proteins and fats break down at a faster rate. This actually improves the flavor of the cheese until it reaches “peak ripeness.”

We send out cheese at a young enough age so that we know even with temperature fluctuations, you’ll still have plenty of shelf-life to enjoy your cheese and observe its continued aging process. As soon as you refrigerate it when it arrives, the breakdown of proteins slows down again, and can maintain a steady shelf-life in your refrigerator even after being warm for a period of time.

And our butter, being 87% fat, also offers a natural food safety protection because microbial activity is very, very slow in such a high fat environment.

In fact, you or someone you know may leave their butter out on the counter all the time to keep it soft and spreadable.

We also send our butter frozen to act as an additional ice pack and keep it cold as long as possible!
How are Shipping Rates calculated?
Shipping rates are calculated based on which state you are shipping your package to.
I noticed a smell and dampness in my box. Is this normal?
Yes, it’s normal and 100% safe. All of our farmstead cheeses are natural rind, meaning they’ve not been sealed in wax or any kind of coating. So as they breathe and raise in temperature during the commute, they release an aroma. This scent can be strong when first opening the box! But not to worry, as the cheese airs out or gets put back into refrigeration the scent will dissipate.

As for the condensation, this naturally occurs as the ice packs melt and the contents of your care package warm slightly.
I’d like to send multiple packages to different addresses. How do I do that?
We’d love to accommodate that for you!

Just send us an email at shipping@highlawnfarm.com with your orders and to which addresses you’d like them shipped, and we’ll email you a digital invoice.



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