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Delightfully Soft & Salty Set



  • Crema Alpina — Taste the creaminess of our 100% Jersey cow milk. Washed with Down East Cider to impart funky, fruity flavor, with a succulent supple texture. Sliceable yet spreadable, she melts perfectly for a decadent grilled cheese. (8oz)

  • High Lawn Blue — A natural rind with verdant blue-green veining that evokes the lush pastures of High Lawn Farm, rolling to meet the Berkshire mountains. The blue mold flavor and persistent salt are held in perfect balance by our creamy 100% Jersey cow milk. With a smushable and smeary texture, any attempt at crumbling over a salad will happily end in big, irregular chunks. (8oz)

  • High Lawn QueenWhen young, the interior of this cheese has the texture of soft butter and a sharp tang. The rind has yeasty, fresh dough notes. As this bloomy cheese ages, the interior texture matures into creamy, melted cheese and the rind takes on a hint of mushroom. (9 oz)

  • Smorbier - A deliciously creamy and plump, washed curd cheese. Styled after a French Morbier but with a twist. The smooth, sweet, and grassy paste has a bold, hot, and smokey pepper line running through its center.  Peppers are locally sourced from our friends at Kitchen Garden Farm (8oz)

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    More Information

    About High Lawn Farm

    We’re a third-generation family-owned dairy farm located in the heart of the Berkshires, Massachusetts approaching our 100 year anniversary! Our beloved, world-renowned herd of cattle is 100% Jersey breed, and from their delicious and nutrient-dense milk, we create our line of traditional and specialty creamery products, including: milk and cream, slow-churned and herb-infused butter varieties, artisanal cheeses, and ice cream.

    Read the High Lawn Story >

    Visit our Farmstead Creamery Shop

    Our farm is open daily and we invite guests to pop over to our Farmstead Creamery Shop where all of our dairy products, in addition to a variety of other locally produced goods, are available for sale. Order a farm-fresh ice cream cone or artisanal cheese board and sit out at one of our picnic tables as our Jersey herd grazes in the fields behind the shop.

    Enjoy some of the most breathtaking views in the Berkshires, meet our Jersey girls, and be a part of the farmstead magic here at High Lawn that’s been nearly a century in the making. Fun for the whole family!

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